Welcome to the cattery "Sweet melody".

Before You’ll start Your tour, see and appreciate the quality of my cats, I’d like to say some words about myself, my family and my cats. 

My name is Alexandra Bogomolova. I live in one of the most beautiful cities of the world the name of which is St.-Petersburg, the city with rich history, splendid culture and architectural legacy. I am very proud of being born and grown up in this great city. My family consists of three persons. My daughter lives separately with her husband and child. We live together with my husband, he also adore cats. We both have graduated from law faculty of the St.-Petersburg State University, by a trade lawyer. Now we own private legal firm, in which more than twenty persons working for us. 

I devoted myself to cats since 1991. It were silver and golden Persian cats. All of my cats had FIFE registration and they had quite a good show results. 

In 2001 I’ve bought my fist Exotic brown tabby cat in Moscow cattery “Exotic style”. In the same year I’ve registered my own cattery in CFA. In pedigrees of my cats I have the names of such well known catteries as: BRYN MAWR, POLCANN, PIRONTI, JOVAN, KITJIM, BECTON, JADON, SOUTH PAW etc. 

Alexandra Bogomolova

We do love our cats so much, they are like the members of our family. 
Now together with us lives one of my first cats her name is Adele she has silver hue and she is 18 years old, but in good state of health condition. Another one cat whose name is Vasya was an alley cat. We took him from the street with broken hind legs. Veterinary have done the utmost to make him walk, and so more than 10 years he lives in our house. Besides cats with us live three Yorkshire terriers. They live in our house as pets though they all have fine pedigree. 

In 2011 my cattery “Sweet Melody” will be 10 years old. To me it is my pride, for 10 years of continuous work we have 18 grand champions CFA, 10 of which have been born and grown up in my cattery and 10 Division Winners (Europe), and some of them such as VANNJTY'S UNFORGETTABLE CORRIDA, SWEET MELODY MIDNIGHT SECRET, SWEET MELODY UNFORGETTABLE BOY has been awarded this high rank twice.

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